LSSC12: A3 Thinking and Kaizen - Claudio Perrone

There is a war going on, tragically consumed behind corporate walls. It’s a war of worlds, a war of cultures, where the few who command & control systematically crush people’s hearts and minds. Frontal attack is futile. We like to call ourselves change agents, right shifters, sensei, coaches. We prescribe our medicines and leave. But what change does really happen? How long does it last? Imagine, however, what it would be like if someone offered you a practical way to dig into deeper forms of thinking, turn fire fighters into problem solvers, share and celebrate every victory – however small, and make improvements an everyday part of an entire organization. What would you do? How far would you go? In this award-winning session, Claudio will unleash the power of story to throw you into a world where specific Lean problem solving techniques, Kanban and quick Kaizen systems are leading managers and teams of a large organization to a path of continuous improvement.

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