LSSC12: Enabling Enterprise Kanban Transformation Through Lean Startup Techniques

This presentation was given at the Lean Software and Systems Conference 2012 (LSSC12).

If there is one certainty about large-scale organizational transformation it is to expect uncertainty. Kanban provides an alternate approach to traditional, big-bang change. But even a Kanban change initiative is guaranteed to provide a highly unpredictable outcome.

Eric Ries definition of a startup is as follows:

"A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty."

By this definition, an enterprise Kanban change initiative could be deemed a startup, one that could take advantage of Lean Startup techniques.

During this session I will present a case study on how a team of Kanban change agents leveraged the Lean Startup approach to enable validated learning on a large scale organizational transformation.

I'll discuss how we tested the assumptions behind our transformation through the successful rollout of Minimum Viable Changes (MVCs). I will showcase how we cycled through the learn, build, and measure loop to steer the course of our transformation. Finally, I'll give an overview of our key pivot/pursue decisions, and describe how the lean startup approach provided us with the feedback required to make several significant changes in direction during the course of the transformation.

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