LSSC12: High Performance Operations: Using Lean and Kanban to Achieve High Maturity - Hillel Glazer

Don't let the bureaucracy of everyday compliance issues get in your way of being lean and achieving excellence.
Hear about a revealing systematic approach that puts compliance properly in its place -- behind your pursuit of excellence.
Discover the secrets of incorporating non-value-added necessities into the value-added work stream.
One characteristic of the approach distinct from many lean initiatives is that it does not rely solely on incremental kaizen and "low-hanging fruit".
High Performance Operations looks at several facets including common mistakes that hinder high performance, the role of leadership, culture, trust, empowerment, learning and communication -- as prerequisites.
See how lean and kanban can be used to easily, seamlessly, effectively, and transparently incorporate compliance requirements into the flow of an operation. This also provides the insight and metrics for an operation to pull itself towards predictable, high-confidence performance -- the realm of high maturity -- while remaining agile and responsive.

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