LSSC12: Kanban Change Leadership - Klaus Leopold

This session was given at the Lean Software and Systems Conference 2012.

"Kanban rocks" is the motto of more and more people in the IT industry. That is for good reasons: Kanban follows simple rules, is based on easy accessible mechanics, easy to implement, and leads to significant improvements within a short period of time. However, a lot of Kanban initiatives vanish as quickly as they were introduced. That is also for good reasons: People are trying to break emotions with a crowbar instead of using them as drivers of change. Introducing Kanban means doing a change initiative - it is about people and not pure mechanics, it is targeting the working culture, and it is team sport in terms of shared leadership and accountability. In my presentation I will point out a way that addresses these essential aspects of a Kanban change initiative so that an emerging culture of continuous improvement has a chance to survive.

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