Culture busting: quality & speed, not quality vs speed!

One of the reasons many groups implement Kanban is to figure out how to deliver more consistently. Kanban, as well as many other methods/processes, is often chosen and implemented by the management or leadership layer and the values and goals are communicated down to developers or other individual contributors.

Part of the discussion between management and developers will focus on then end goal of streamlining cycle times as much as possible in order to deliver more consistently. This is also often described as delivering more often, delivering faster, etc. Developers may interpret that as “do whatever it takes to get it out the door as fast as possible.” If you’re lucky there will be an open discussion in which developers discuss with you their thoughts that “doing whatever it takes to get it out the door as fast as possible” and delivering with quality are two goals often at odds. More often, they will just nod and go back to work ...

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